10/15 Lifeguard Meeting


I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting tomorrow. Because of the complications with air quality, Katie and I have decided to keep our meeting inside. We will not need to change the course in the Olympic Pool since it was never switched to long course. In this case, we will now be meeting at 6pm. We will all meet at the Aquatics Desk lobby area. We will not be getting in the water, so there is no need to bring a swim suit. Be prepared to put your lifeguard land skills to the test.

After our Lifeguard Meeting we will go up to the All Staff Meeting together around 7pm.

Contact me if you have any questions via email at ashbaught@smccd.edu or via phone at (530) 263-5660.


Pools closed tomorrow

Pools will be closed tomorrow.  Lifeguards please report to duty as Tyler scheduled you.

When there are two lifeguards on duty one will watch the pool deck from inside by the Aqua Desk and one will report to Ty in the back office to file paperwork.

Any questions call me or Tyler.

Decision about tomorrow will be made at 4pm today

I am pleased to report that we are seeing some improvement in our local air quality (with respect to the Air Quality Indicator levels, or AQI). Atmosphere particulate matter values are now fluctuating between 120- 135 (down from 168 yesterday) and is considered in the range of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”.

However we will wait until 4pm today to decide on the pool schedule for tomorrow.          I will let you know if and when we will re-open the pool via a post on the blog around 4pm.

I know I am personally feeling incredibly grateful that the temporary poor air quality is all that I am having to deal with right now. I know we all are feeling empathy for our neighbors in the north bay that are dealing with truly tragic circumstances.

Pools will be closed Friday the 13th

We have made the decision to keep the pools closed all day tomorrow too.

The air quality index went from 127 to over 170 today and is expected to be as bad and possibly worse tomorrow.

Swim team and swim lessons will be cancelled.  Lifeguards will be contacted regarding their shifts.

We plan to make a decision regarding Saturday by 3pm tomorrow.

Send any questions/comments my way.  Thanks!

Pools Closed All Day Today

Due to unhealthy air quality we will keep the pools closed all day today.

Swim Instructors & coaches do not need to come in for work.

Lifeguards will be contacted individually because we do need staff to keep people out of the pools.

We will keep you posted but anticipate more closures in the next few days.

Any questions please call me.  Thank you