Austin: BSC Swim Coach & BAC $5 drop in

Congratulations to Austin Dean!  He will begin coaching the Bulldog Swim Club when we start back up on Aug. 28th.  Austin will lead the Blue II group in addition to his duties as our Head Water Polo Coach and Head Lifeguard.    We will inform all of Austin’s swim lesson clients today that he will need to cut back on the amount of swim lessons he can teach.  We look forward to seeing Austin on the pool deck every afternoon – he will do great with this group.  Thank you to David & Cameron for leading this group for the past year.  We will miss you both!

Burlingame Aquatics Club is offering our members a $5 drop in fee to lap swim or swim masters while our pools are closed.  They do have specific swim times so please let members know about this deal and make sure they look at their website before going to swim.

I will be out of town Aug. 8 – 17.  Please contact Tyler for all questions and concerns.

Thank you all for a fantastic summer!

$50 Visa Gift Card

We are hiring for Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Swim Coaches

Ideally we need people to apply NOW so they can start by the end of this month.

Applicants must be 18 or older.  We can certify them in our class at the end of August.   So Interview Now – Certify Aug. 25 – 27

If you refer a candidate and they get hired by SMAC we will give you a $50 Visa card immediately upon their hire.  You will also be eligible for a $250 bonus if they stay employed with us for 6 months or longer (you must be still employed too).

Please have potential candidates email Katie or Tyler asap so we can talk to them about the opportunities and certification process.

Thank you for your help!  Hope to give out lots of gift cards this month!



Fall Availability Forms Due Tomorrow & Pool Closure Begins this Saturday

Just a reminder to let us know your Fall schedule by tomorrow.

We are definitely hiring Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Coaches.  So if you are thinking of changing your schedule around in the fall let me know.  This is the best time to switch roles within SMAC.

Please let your friends know we are hiring and have a LG class August 25 – 27.

Final reminder: SMAC staff should help members with lane sharing.  If you notice a member is getting in a lane that already has a swimmer in it, make sure they know to warn the member first.  You can even help by asking the swimmer yourself if they can share with this swimmer on deck.  If we don’t take the initiative sometimes this doesn’t happen and the swimmers get upset with each other.

We are still in need of staff to help us deep clean the pool areas during our pool closure week.  Please email me if you want to work next week.  All swim lessons are cancelled from  Aug. 5 – 14.



Olympic Pool Closed tomorrow morning

The new pump has been installed but it is not working properly yet.  We will keep the Oly pool closed until at least 11am.  Will keep you posted as I hear more.

Swim Team will go on no matter what – we will do dryland with the kids if the pool is closed.  I will let the families know tomorrow morning.

Any questions send to me.

Olympic Pool Closed Today

The Main Pump for our Olympic pool
has failed and will need repair.

This means that our Olympic pool will be closed Wednesday, July 26th.

Thankfully we have the part on campus that is needed to fix this.  Contractors will let us know today how long this will take to replace and install.  I will let you know as soon as I can.

For today – please guard as usual.  Instructional Pool is open and regularly scheduled.

No changes to swim lessons unless you teach in the big pool – then you should cancel or move the lesson to the small pool.  There is no 5pm CSM class today.

BAPA camps must go on (this is the LAST week!!!).  Use the Instructional pool and spend more time on dryland.   There is 10:30 – 11:30 Aqua Aerobics.

BSC & water polo practices (expect Pre Team) will be cancelled today – if the pool is closed tomorrow we may have dry land practices – stay tuned.

All masters practices are cancelled until the Oly pool reopens.

Any questions please contact m


Total Pool Closure 8/5 – 8/14

In a long anticipated effort to transition our pool heaters to the central boiler/heating system on campus, Both pools will be closed:
Saturday August 5th through Monday, August 14th,                                                            As we convert to the new and improved heating system.

Scheduled programs/classes/lessons/teams are canceled during this time.

There is a chance one or both pools may open intermittently…based on temperature… for lap swimming.  We will post updates on our FB page daily along with signage at the Courtesy desk.  Although chemicals may be balanced…the loss of heat may prohibit using the pools for any portion of time.

We are planning to have some lifeguard coverage during this time but lessons and masters will be cancelled.  BAC has offered our swimmers a drop in fee of $5 if they show their SMAC membership card.  We will have more details regarding this by the end of the week.