Earthquake Drills Thursday 10/19 at 10:19am and 7:15pm

We will be evacuating the pools tomorrow at 10:19am and 7:15pm as part of the campus wide Earthquake Drill.  I will be your lead for the 10:19am drill, Tyler will be the lead for the 7:15pm drill.  All lessons, classes, programs etc. need to evacuate the pool.  No exceptions.


Breathing Masks and All Staff Meeting

We have N95 breathing masks available to anyone who wants one during their shift.  They are located in the Lifeguard Office.  The AQI is creeping up again today so we are keeping a close eye on these three websites:

We will continue to monitor these sites and keep you posted.  As of now we are open and all programming is on.  We will close the pool if/when the AQI gets to 151 or higher.


THANK YOU all for a great representation of the Aquatics staff at our All Staff Meeting.  Our attendance percentage was AWESOME!  I appreciate your commitment to SMAC.

Congratulations to Derek Koo for earning the Employee of the Season!  Derek has been with us for 5 years.  In this time he has been a lifeguard, swim instructor, kids swim coach, masters swim coach, and CSM swim/polo coach.   What we love most about Derek is his versatility, his willingness to help whenever needed and his ability to challenge his swimmers in a positive motivating way.  Thank you Derek for all your help to SMAC over the years!

Pools are open tomorrow

We will open tomorrow at 7am.  Oly pool will remain short course.

We will have masters, Megan’s clinics, Aqua aerobics and scuba fusion.

Swim lessons will resume on Monday.

Lifeguard meeting will be start at 6pm.  All Staff Meeting at 7:15pm

Payroll is due tomorrow at 7pm.  If you were assigned a shift when the pools were closed you need to fill out a time clock amendment form to be paid for the shift.

Any questions please contact me.  I will be in the club tomorrow at 11am.


Pools closed tomorrow

Pools will be closed tomorrow.  Lifeguards please report to duty as Tyler scheduled you.

When there are two lifeguards on duty one will watch the pool deck from inside by the Aqua Desk and one will report to Ty in the back office to file paperwork.

Any questions call me or Tyler.

Decision about tomorrow will be made at 4pm today

I am pleased to report that we are seeing some improvement in our local air quality (with respect to the Air Quality Indicator levels, or AQI). Atmosphere particulate matter values are now fluctuating between 120- 135 (down from 168 yesterday) and is considered in the range of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”.

However we will wait until 4pm today to decide on the pool schedule for tomorrow.          I will let you know if and when we will re-open the pool via a post on the blog around 4pm.

I know I am personally feeling incredibly grateful that the temporary poor air quality is all that I am having to deal with right now. I know we all are feeling empathy for our neighbors in the north bay that are dealing with truly tragic circumstances.

Pools will be closed Friday the 13th

We have made the decision to keep the pools closed all day tomorrow too.

The air quality index went from 127 to over 170 today and is expected to be as bad and possibly worse tomorrow.

Swim team and swim lessons will be cancelled.  Lifeguards will be contacted regarding their shifts.

We plan to make a decision regarding Saturday by 3pm tomorrow.

Send any questions/comments my way.  Thanks!