Padlock to Pump Room

In August we will be replacing our pool heaters.  In preparation for this there is a giant fence around the pump room.  Right by the chlorine room there is a padlock on the gate.  The key to this lock is in Tyler’s office.  It is on a lanyard wrapped around the switch that controls the Colorado Scoreboard.

Please use this key each morning and each night to check the chemicals.  You can move the gate aside to carry out the chemicals.  The wheelbarrow fits but the ramp is blocked so Tyler and I will do our best to work with Miguel each day to get the chemicals that need to be dumped on the pool deck by 3pm each day.

Please always return the key to the scoreboard switch.  Any questions on where to find this key please see me or Tyler.

Thank you and see you Sunday 7pm!

All Staff Meeting Sunday 6/25

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday evening!  I will have a prize to give the first 20 lifeguards who arrive.  Meet me on the pool deck before 7:15pm to get your award.

7:15pm Meet in Room #202. Chipotle and Cookies will be served beginning at 7pm.  Please clock in for this meeting.

If you can’t make the meeting please contact me know to discuss your reasons.

All Staff Meeting & Pools Close at 9:15pm

Our next All Staff Meeting is Sunday June 25th at 7:15pm.  This is a mandatory meeting for all Aquatics Staff.  Please RSVP your attendance to me by June 20th.  We will have Chipotle and Bakesale Betty’s cookies.

Thank you to Jeric, Annie, Jazmin, Shauna and Tom for helping a member with an emergency on Monday 6/5/17.  They all went above and beyond the call of duty and their help is very much appreciated.

Reminder: both pools close at 9:15pm on weekdays now.

Summer School, Group lessons, & Summer Swim Team start June 12th.  Be prepared for busy pools!  Remind member the summer is busy but short.  In 6 weeks we quiet back down again.

Great job to all the Lifeguards at the meeting today!

Lifeguard Meeting tonight rescheduled

Due to a low number of RSVP’s we will NOT have a lifeguard meeting tonight at 6pm.

Our next meeting is Wednesday at 12pm.  If you can not make this meeting please tell me now.  We will reschedule for a time you can attend.  All lifeguards need to attend a meeting this week.

Thank you and Go Warriors!

SMAC Aquatics Updates 6-2-17

USF has closed their pool for 6 weeks.  Their Masters swimmers will begin using our pool this Sunday at 11am.  There will be a coached workout at 11am for the next 6 Sundays.  Swimmers do not need to pay for this – the team is paying.  However if they want to come after 11:15am and swim laps they need to pay a guest fee.  If they show their USF Masters swimming card they will get to pay a $15 guest fee.  They should park in student spaces on campus and are allowed to use the SMAC locker rooms. Any further questions please contact me!

SMAC Aquatics Updates 5-28-17

Pool Hours: Beginning June 1st the pools will close at 9:15pm on weekdays.  SMAC will close at 9:30pm.  The weekends will remain the same with the pools closing at 6:30pm and the club closing at 7pm.

Summer: We have a little down time before Summer really kicks into gear.  June 12th is when CSM summer school starts and all of our SMAC Aquatics programs start.  June 19th is the start date for the Bay Area Pathways Camp at CSM for middle schoolers.

Staff Meetings:

Swim Instructor Meeting May 31st from 12:30 – 2:30pm.  Bring your suits!

Lifeguard meetings June 4 at 6pm OR June 7 at 12pm.  Bring your suits!

Staff Announcements:

Congratulations to all the graduates:

Eric, David, Isabella, Kayla, Casey, Kelsey & Sebrianne

Please welcome our new staff:

Casey, Lia nd Nicholas are new BSC coaches

Kelsey, Sebrianne & Sara will teach and guard for us!

Melina, Diana, Lindsay will teach lessons for us!

Returning for another summer are:

Michael, Alissa, Helen, Kayla, Griffin, Richard, Nina & Tori!


SMAC Aquatics Updates 5-12-17

New SMAC Hours – perhaps you have seen the signs posted around the club – beginning in June SMAC will close at 9:30pm on weekdays.  That means the pools will close at 9pm and our closers will be able to leave by 9:30pm. This is a permanent change.  Your Lifeguard schedules will be adjusted beginning June 1st.

Thank you – After a slow start we pulled off an amazing water polo tournament this past weekend.  Thank you to ALL of you who helped make this event a success.  The athletes were thrilled with our facility and staff. Special thanks to Kristie, Austin, Jack, Nathan, Al, Adam, Leon, Teija, Stephanie, Tyler, Jim, Eric, Derek, Jeric, Phillip,  Annie & Tim.  You all contributed above and beyond the call of duty to make this a happen.

Reminder – Availability Forms are due on Monday!  Lifeguards, BSC coaches and swim instructors need to let us know their summer schedules.

Equipment TLC – The cart we use to store the fins has a tear in it.  Please be careful to not rip the fins.  It is best to grab the size of fins you want then to move the cart over to where you are teaching/coaching.

Returning Staff – We have a lot of former SMAC staff returning for the summer.  Victoria Nedwick, Griffin Tietz, Nina Moutoux and Richard Gonzalez start this coming week.  Please welcome them back!  More returning staff to come throughout the next few weeks.  We are gearing up for Summer ’17!

I will be off all weekend – see you on Monday!