RedCap Drills & Skills of the Week

Newer employees, please pay close attention!

RedCap Drills:

Be prepared to practice a RedCap Drill during your shift. A buoyant foam blue ball or a submerged tan silhouette found in the water will signify it’s a RedCap Drill. As a guard on surveillance, you must activate the EAP (triple whistle) within 40 seconds of the ball being placed in the pool or 1 minute of the silhouette being placed in the pool. If the ball/silhouette is not recognized within the appropriate amount of time, you will have to go through a scenario. The scenario will be provided by a supervisor. During this time of the drill, an additional lifeguard will be out on surveillance as ‘backup coverage’ until you have completed the scenario successfully. This drill will be random, as to encourage all aquatics staff to be attentive at all times. This drill will be used as a standard of lifeguard evaluation.

Skills of the Week:

Be prepared to show your Lifeguard skills familiarity and knowledge when testing for the Skill of the Week. Make sure that you are checking for the skill of each week (posted on the Blog, in the Lifeguard Binder, in the Lifeguard Office) so you can prepare/review. It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor if you have not been tested for the week. You should be able to demonstrate these skills at any point in time. This drill will be used as a standard of lifeguard evaluation.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns @


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