Fall Availability Forms Due Tomorrow & Pool Closure Begins this Saturday

Just a reminder to let us know your Fall schedule by tomorrow.

We are definitely hiring Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Coaches.  So if you are thinking of changing your schedule around in the fall let me know.  This is the best time to switch roles within SMAC.

Please let your friends know we are hiring and have a LG class August 25 – 27.

Final reminder: SMAC staff should help members with lane sharing.  If you notice a member is getting in a lane that already has a swimmer in it, make sure they know to warn the member first.  You can even help by asking the swimmer yourself if they can share with this swimmer on deck.  If we don’t take the initiative sometimes this doesn’t happen and the swimmers get upset with each other.

We are still in need of staff to help us deep clean the pool areas during our pool closure week.  Please email me if you want to work next week.  All swim lessons are cancelled from  Aug. 5 – 14.




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