Congrats Annie & Fall Openings

Thank you to all of you who attended our All Staff Meeting on June 25th.  At this meeting Annie Schemel was awarded as the Aquatics Employee of the Season!  Annie has been a consistent opener or closer for the past 2 years.  Annie’s a great team player, excellent communicator and she has increased her knowledge and role at SMAC significantly this year.  Annie always goes above and beyond to help other staff.  Subbing, Baking, Lane line moving you name it she will help with.  She is also great at letting her managers know her schedule requests, potential problems with the pool equipment, and holes we need to fill in the Lifeguard schedule.  Finally, about a year ago Annie became certified as a Lifeguard Instructor.  This year she has helped us teach numerous Lifeguard and CPR certification courses.  Thank you Annie for all your contributions to SMAC Aquatics!  We are lucky to have you on our team!

Our Fall youth swim team begins August 22nd.  Our fall swim lesson program begins Sept. 5th.  We are currently hiring for both swim coaches and swim instructors for Fall.  Please let me know if you are interested in one of these positions and also pass on the news to your friends.

Thank you!


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