SMAC Aquatics Updates 5-28-17

Pool Hours: Beginning June 1st the pools will close at 9:15pm on weekdays.  SMAC will close at 9:30pm.  The weekends will remain the same with the pools closing at 6:30pm and the club closing at 7pm.

Summer: We have a little down time before Summer really kicks into gear.  June 12th is when CSM summer school starts and all of our SMAC Aquatics programs start.  June 19th is the start date for the Bay Area Pathways Camp at CSM for middle schoolers.

Staff Meetings:

Swim Instructor Meeting May 31st from 12:30 – 2:30pm.  Bring your suits!

Lifeguard meetings June 4 at 6pm OR June 7 at 12pm.  Bring your suits!

Staff Announcements:

Congratulations to all the graduates:

Eric, David, Isabella, Kayla, Casey, Kelsey & Sebrianne

Please welcome our new staff:

Casey, Lia nd Nicholas are new BSC coaches

Kelsey, Sebrianne & Sara will teach and guard for us!

Melina, Diana, Lindsay will teach lessons for us!

Returning for another summer are:

Michael, Alissa, Helen, Kayla, Griffin, Richard, Nina & Tori!



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