SMAC Aquatics Updates 5-4-17

Thank you to all of you for such a TEAM effort for Swim Across America!  Everyone chipped in and did what was needed to make it a very special event.  We have raised $83,461 so far.  We are not done yet!  We are still accepting donations

Special thank you to:

Tom – Our top Aquatics fundraiser $1,200, Team Captain of the SMM which raised $6,670 & the best emcee anyone could ask for!

Kacee – Worked the challenging “Registration Desk”, raised $750, shared with us great ideas for 2018 and is going to San Diego in 2 weeks to help run their Swim Across America event!

Cindy – This is the 5th year in a row she captained Team Mavericks. Cindy brought over a team of swimmers, raised over $5,515 as a team and swam with her kids.  Amazing!

Jim – As captain of the Bulldog Swim Club Team Jim gets big kudos encouraging his swimmers to raise $2,815. Jim also swam alongside his athletes in at least 2 races and took the yoga class with many of his athletes.

Jack & Leon  – Did a great job setting up on Saturday night so we were good to go on Sunday morning.

Cameron & David – Swam 2 races with their swimmers,  carried the 45 pound weights back in to the Fitness center in their speedos and staffed the “Why I swim” desk.

Megan – Top Cheerleader of the morning and really made the tattoo station fun and exciting for everyone.

Tyler – Helped with Saturday night set up, raised money, helped with lane lines and the tattoo table!

Annie, Julia & Tim – Did a great job guarding the events and keeping our swimmers safe.

Phillip – Big help by taking out the lane lines on Saturday night & jumping in the water early Sunday morning to get the buoys set.

Eric – Eric has helped us in 5 out of 5 Swim Across America events! This year he was a big help with lane lines, starting blocks and helping Megan.

Jaz– Asked to be included in this event! Did a great job with clean up and lane lines.  Love the initiative!

Kristie – Showed up at the crack of dawn willing to help with anything we needed. She was the first person to arrive on Sunday and got straight to work!

Nathan D. – Swam multiple races, raised money for the 5th  year in a row and was s big help with the backstroke flags!

Barbara – Donated money to SAA & set up Welcome Signs and manned the “Why I Swim” banner

Amanda – Very cheerful and helpful in the early morning hours getting the pool ready to go!

Shelby, Stephanie, Adam, Austin, Nick, Leisha, Luan and Melissa – Continued to do a great job with our swim lessons as they do on EVERY sunday.  This was just a bit more festive, crazy and chaotic!

You all make me proud!  Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause.  We can fight cancer if we fight together.  Thank you…..





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