Summer Availability:

I will be asking everyone for new SUMMER availability forms at the beginning of May. Start to look at your calendars so you have an idea of your summer schedule.

Lifeguard Meetings:

We have set the dates for Lifeguard Meetings this summer. The notices are posted in the LG Binder and LG Office. We are not holding a Lifeguard Meeting in May.

Summer 2017 Meeting Dates

Senior Guards/Lifeguards:

I really need the Senior Guards to complete the Skills of the Week and assist me with RedCap Drills. Again, we need each Senior Guard to evaluate 2 guards each week. I will be keeping track…

Lifeguards, tell them if you need to be evaluated.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to get these done each week.

Lifeguard Instructors:

There are multiple Lifeguard Courses approaching in the next couple of months. Take a look at the tabs located on the home page of the blog “LG Cert Classes” & “LG ReCert Classes” to see which dates you may be able to instruct.

Clock in/out system:

Please!!! Do not write time amendments. We have an electronic system to make the process easier. Entering time amendments takes much more time to complete payroll. If you’re having a reoccurring issue with the system please let me know ASAP so we can fix it together.

Aquatics Staff Party:

I’d like to schedule another party before the summer season begins. Most likely May 27th. I was thinking of Redwood Roller Rink on a Saturday from 6:30pm-8:30pm. I’m definitely open to other ideas, so let me know if you have anything fun in mind.


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