High Schools Using Olympic Pool

San Mateo High’s pool is down for a few weeks.  As a result we will see more of D-Tech and will see lots of San Mateo High School swimmers for the next month.  The pools will be busier than usual after 6:30pm now.  Evening Staff  – Please look at the schedule and be prepared.  Use the yellow cones to let lap swimmers know where to go.

Most important to know:

  • High school swimmers must use B8 locker rooms (not SMAC’s locker rooms)
  • Swimmers and parents must pay for parking in the Olympian Lot.
  • Only coaches will get parking passes.
  • Appropriate language and behavior is expected.  If this is not the case let me know asap.

This is a good chance to let the swimmers know we have LG classes, we are hiring and we are hosting Swim Across America!

See you all on Sunday at our Staff Meetings!



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