Swim Across America 4-30-17

Here’s your chance to make a difference!

To feel good about helping others!

To bond or compete with your co-workers!

On Sunday April 30th we are hosting our 5th annual Swim Across America event.               We do this to raise money to fight cancer in the Bay Area.                                                              All funds raised go directly to UCSF and Oakland’s Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

How can you help?

  1. Clear your schedule and be available to work that day.  You will get paid and fed and will be part of an awesome event.  We need lifeguards, tattoo artists, SWAG giver outers, staff helping our 5K runners know where to go, and much more!
  2. Register with Swim Across America and start raising money to fight cancer.  Whether you are swimming or just helping us with the event we can all raise money  If everyone is Aquatics raised $30 – we’d get to $1,000 easily.  What if we all raised $50??  Right now go to swimacrossamerica.org.  Find a pool swim, click on SMAC out Cancer and join our SMAC Aquatics team!  Together we WILL make a difference!  Ask Katie, Kacee or Tyler to help you register if you are having trouble.
  3. Enter to Swim with an Olympian, Yoga with an Olympian or Dance with a Star!  We have lots of great events and we’d love you and your friends or family to participate!  If you are working that day we will make time for you to hop in a do an event.
  4. Spread the word around town!  Tell your swim lesson clients, your neighbors, your family.  Ask me for flyers to post at our local coffee shop or at school.  We want the community to know what a great event this is going to be.  We have something for everyone and we have ALL been affected by cancer.  We ALL want to put an end to cancer asap!
  5. Form your own team!  Maybe you have a group of friends who want to swim and raise money together?  Or your family wants to run the 5k & fundraise together?  Then start a team!  It is easy and a great motivator to train and collect money.  It’s really simple to form your own team on the Swim Across America website – ask me for help if you need it.  Then you can compete with other teams to see who raises the most $$
  6. Do you know Olympians??  We have 10 confirmed so far – would love to get a dozen.  Let me know if you have any good connections – they don’t have to be swimmers – we like all Olympic athletes.
  7. Share you ideas!  Many of our best ideas for this event have come from part time employees.  Give us your feedback – we want to hear from you.  We want you involved in this great event.

Thank you for reading.  Please acknowledge you read this by writing your initials in the comment section.  If you forget I will track you down 🙂 This is very important to us and we want your help!


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