July LG Meeting Reminder


July is approaching, so I want to remind you all to RSVP to one of the two lifeguard meetings via email at ashbaught@smccd.edu.

Here are the two options you have:

  1. Sunday, July 9th from 5-7pm OR
  2. Wednesday, July 12th from 12-2pm

If you are on duty lifeguarding during one of our meetings, you must attend the alternative one. If there are time conflicts with your schedule for both of these meeting dates I need advanced notice. You will not be excused from a meeting unless you contact me 48 hours before the time the meeting is scheduled to begin.

2017 Lifeguard Updates:

It is your responsibility to keep up with your skills and knowledge as a professional lifeguard. If you take a look at the menu tabs on the blog, you’ll find a tab labeled “2017 LG Updates”. Please review the changes listed on that PDF, as we will continue to practice those skills at the upcoming meetings.

Thank You!

Padlock to Pump Room

In August we will be replacing our pool heaters.  In preparation for this there is a giant fence around the pump room.  Right by the chlorine room there is a padlock on the gate.  The key to this lock is in Tyler’s office.  It is on a lanyard wrapped around the switch that controls the Colorado Scoreboard.

Please use this key each morning and each night to check the chemicals.  You can move the gate aside to carry out the chemicals.  The wheelbarrow fits but the ramp is blocked so Tyler and I will do our best to work with Miguel each day to get the chemicals that need to be dumped on the pool deck by 3pm each day.

Please always return the key to the scoreboard switch.  Any questions on where to find this key please see me or Tyler.

Thank you and see you Sunday 7pm!

All Staff Meeting Sunday 6/25

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday evening!  I will have a prize to give the first 20 lifeguards who arrive.  Meet me on the pool deck before 7:15pm to get your award.

7:15pm Meet in Room #202. Chipotle and Cookies will be served beginning at 7pm.  Please clock in for this meeting.

If you can’t make the meeting please contact me know to discuss your reasons.