Saturday & Sunday: Pools Open

Aquatics Staff,

The Olympic and Instructional Pools will officially re-open on Saturday morning.

The attachment and picture below show the revised schedule (Aug. 7-13).

LG Schedule Aug.7-13 Revised

LG Schedule Aug.7-13 RevisedThe pool schedule will remain minimal this weekend. We are not changing the Olympic Pool to long-course. Swim lessons (group and privates) will resume on Monday, Masters will resume on Tuesday, and Bulldog Swim Club will resume in late August.

FRIDAY – pools are to remain closed. I still have a couple more projects for those of you who are scheduled to come in tomorrow from 11am-3pm. However, Saturday projects will be cancelled.

If you have any questions regarding the pool situation please contact me directly via email or phone.

Thank You!


Austin: BSC Swim Coach & BAC $5 drop in

Congratulations to Austin Dean!  He will begin coaching the Bulldog Swim Club when we start back up on Aug. 28th.  Austin will lead the Blue II group in addition to his duties as our Head Water Polo Coach and Head Lifeguard.    We will inform all of Austin’s swim lesson clients today that he will need to cut back on the amount of swim lessons he can teach.  We look forward to seeing Austin on the pool deck every afternoon – he will do great with this group.  Thank you to David & Cameron for leading this group for the past year.  We will miss you both!

Burlingame Aquatics Club is offering our members a $5 drop in fee to lap swim or swim masters while our pools are closed.  They do have specific swim times so please let members know about this deal and make sure they look at their website before going to swim.

I will be out of town Aug. 8 – 17.  Please contact Tyler for all questions and concerns.

Thank you all for a fantastic summer!

Lifeguards-Pool Closure

Hi Guards,

If you are scheduled to work as a lifeguard during our pool closure, please position yourself at the table outside the locker rooms to remind members that the pool is closed. Please, do not allow anyone (except SMAC employees) to enter on to the pool deck. It is for safety and liability purposes.

If you have any questions concerning your guarding responsibilities contact me immediately.

Thank You.


Pool Closure Projects

The attachment below is the document providing the tasks for each day and the employees who have been scheduled to help.

Projects for Pool Closure – Shifts

11am – 3pm Saturday Aug. 5 

  • clean B6 office, LG office and parkas.  Clean water polo goal storage area.  Clean out SMAC lockers.  All lost and found off pool deck.
  • Tyler is leader.  Staff are: Richard, Kelsey (1 – 3pm), Casey

11am – 3pm Sunday Aug. 6

  • clean Katie’s office & Back office storage area,  .  Clean out SMAC lockers.
  • Katie is leader.  Staff are: Kelsey

11am – 3pm Monday Aug. 7

  • clean and organize (reorganize) garage & swim lesson toy boxes.  We Are Hiring Flyers all over campus and San Mateo.  Fall swim programs all over S.M, Backstroke flags, new signs for Family changing area, Restroom, etc.
  • Katie is leader.  Staff are: Richard, Kelsey, Austin, Morgan, Casey

11am – 3pm Tuesday Aug. 8

  • Clean and organize Aquatics Office, dry erase board & all Safety Equipment & First aid kits.  New LG Binder and new member packets.  Deep clean all of pool deck (corners, spills, mold, crevices, trash, showers)
  • Kacee is leader.  Staff are: Melina, Richard can start at 1pm, Kelsey, Austin, Morgan, Jaz, Casey

11am – 3pm Wednesday Aug. 9

  • detail pool equipment (stainless steel polish, tiles, scrubbing bottom of pool, LG stands and ladders, yellow cones, lane line reels, the corner of the pool by the tires: throw away gross cones, sweep up debris)
  • Kacee is leader.  Staff are: Melina, Richard, Austin, Morgan, Jaz, Casey

11am – 3pm Thursday Aug. 10

  • Deep clean fitness equipment & Family changing rooms
  • James & Tyler are leaders.  Staff are: Melina, Richard can work 11am – 1pm, Austin, Morgan, Jaz, Casey

11am – 3pm Friday Aug. 11

  • Filing & Shredding for Ty
  • Tyler is leader.  Staff are: Melina, Richard (maybe), Morgan, Jaz, Casey (11-1pm)

11am – 3pm Saturday Aug. 12

  • see what we didn’t finish
  • Tyler is leader. Staff are : Melina if needed

Contact me if you have any questions: